As solo instructor:

  • HPS302- Philosophy of technology (University of Toronto, winter 2019)

As primary co-instructor (with PD Dr. Fiorella Battaglia):

  • Ethics of artificial intelligence (Blockseminar, LMU Munich held at the Venice International University, fall 2018)

As guest lecturer:

  • Ethics of artificial intelligence for Minds & machines course (University of Toronto, fall 2017)
As teaching assistant:
  • PHL113- Introduction to philosophy: persons and values  (University of Toronto)
  • JHE355- History & philosophy of evolutionary biology (University of Toronto)
  • JPH311- History of physics (University of Toronto)
  • PHL246- Probability & inductive logic (University of Toronto)
  • PHL342- Minds & machines, twice (University of Toronto)
  • HPS203- Making sense of uncertainty (University of Toronto)